When All That’s Within Me Shakes-A Series On Anxiety-Part 4 Inside Out

   I, among countless others, went and saw the movie Inside Out. As cute as it was, this movie pulled no punches in the aspect of shining a light on mental health. There were times where I completely forgot that … Continue reading

spiritbodysoul – #2

I’ve really been enjoying this “spiritbodysoul” series. It’s helped me pay more attention to what each part of my being is in need of. I’m finding so much joy in discovering myself in this way! I pray y’all are too!  Anywho, I hope y’all are … Continue reading

When All That’s Within Me Shakes – A Series on Anxiety – Part 2 “Night Fears, Night Terrors, & Nightmares”

Hey y’all! So, as promised, I’m going to continue our conversation about sleep and anxiety. Today, will be more focused on nightmares and such. I’ve mentally compiled a list of a few actions that I’ve used to combat spooky nights … Continue reading

When All That’s Within Me Shakes – A Series on Anxiety – Part 1 “Setting A Bedtime”

There is rarely a night that I sleep without music softly filling the darkness in my bedroom. Most recently it’s been my Bon Iver station on Pandora, if you’re wondering. Anywho, I desperately need something to wedge between the gap … Continue reading

April Showers

 I may be a little bias because of my birthdate (April 12th,) but we have step foot into one of my favorite months of the year. I love the newness of spring that comes with April. I adore the … Continue reading

How to Dream!

I’ve spent most of my blogging time talking about dreams and dreaming and I figured, maybe there are some folks out there having a rough time getting to a place where they can rest and explore their imaginations. I’ll give … Continue reading